S11 Carbide Drawing Die for Ferrous Metal Wires


S11 tungsten carbide wire drawing dies for ferrous metals can pull large-diameter ferrous metal wires into small-diameter wires whose diameter ranges from 0.3 mm to 12 mm. They are widely used in steel industry. There are several important structures in tungsten carbide drawing dies: entrance area, lubrication area, working area, sizing area, exit area and exit cone angle. Only with all these areas are designed exquisitely, can tungsten carbide wire drawing dies function well and pull high-quality wires.


1. During stretching process, small friction coefficient advances working efficiency and greatly reduces electric energy loss.
2. S11 tungsten carbide wire drawing dies for ferrous metals feature high thermal conductivity, which makes heat release quickly during working.
3. Tungsten carbide drawing dies can draw wires into various shapes (cross section), such as hexagon, semicircle, triangular, rectangle, etc. Besides, custom drawing dies for irregular shapes of wires are also provided.
4. They are featured by high cost performance ratio. So, they are popularly sold at home and abroad.
5. S11 wire drawing dies are made from different compositions so that they can meet demands of different ferrous metal wires and satisfy specific requirements for wires.
6. Advanced fine machining technology and sintering process are applied in production of S11 tungsten carbide wire drawing dies for ferrous metals.



With a specialist team, advanced production facilities and more than 3000 m2 area, Zhuzhou Lizhou Cemented Carbide is capable of manufacturing various cemented carbide dies no matter these dies are complex in structures or irregular in shapes. In details, we can manufacture 3 million tungsten carbide dies and 500 T cemented carbide workblanks every year. Last year, our sales volume in domestic market, including sales volume of S11 tungsten carbide wire drawing dies for ferrous metals, was 15 million RMB, and in overseas market was 20 million RMB.

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