Improved S22 Carbide Drawing Dies for Tubes


Improved S22 tungsten carbide dies for drawing metal tubes are used to draw metal tubes which are made from mild steel, stainless steel, high carbon steel, brass, copper, aluminum, etc. Tungsten carbide tube drawing nibs are made from rare microcrystal carbides and special metal binders. They are widely applied in metalworking process. Drawn metal tubes are commonly used in electric devices, television sets, spaceflights, radars, and so on.

Manufacturing Process

Selecting material → Rough Lathing → Heat Treatment → Pressing Tungsten Steel → Linear Cutting → Punch Holes → Finish Turning → Polishing


1. Improved S22 tungsten carbide dies for drawing metal tubes are of high accuracy. Inside diameter accuracy can be controlled within 0.005 mm, and concentricity accuracy within 0.01 mm.
2. We can manufacture custom drawing dies on the basis of specific parameters provided by clients.
3. Tungsten carbide tube drawing nibs are featured by wear resistance, excellent polishing, small friction coefficient, small adhesion, high thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, etc.


1. Entrance area plays a transition role in pulling drawing metal tubes into working area so that tubes would not be scratched by the shuttle edge of die holes.
2. In tungsten carbide dies for drawing metal tubes, lubrication area can store lubricants so that tube drawing is successfully completed.
3. Working area is where tubes begin to be reduced.
4. Sizing area decides the final dimension of tubes.
5. Exit area is the last part passed by metal tubes. It is to protect sizing area from cracking.
6. Exit cone angle is designed to protect the quality of completed metal tubes.

With a specialist team, advanced production facilities and more than 3000 m2 area, Zhuzhou Lizhou Cemented Carbide is capable of manufacturing various cemented carbide dies no matter these dies are complex in structures or irregular in shapes. Including tungsten carbide dies for drawing metal tubes, we can manufacture 3 million tungsten carbide dies and 500 T cemented carbide workblanks every year. By virtue of technology innovation and 42 patents for invention, Zhuzhou Lizhou Cemented was awarded with “New High-Tech Enterprise” of 2009 in Hunan province.

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