Improved S20 Carbide Drawing Dies for Tubes


Improved S20 cemented carbide tube drawing dies are commonly applied in metalworking process. Tungsten carbide drawing die nibs for tubes are used to reduce size of ferrous metal tubes and non-ferrous metal tubes. Besides, tube cross sections can be shaped into various forms, such as round, hexagon, octagon, square, and so on. Tube drawing is often performed at room temperature, but sometimes large tubes have to be drawn at elevated temperature.


Improved S20 cemented carbide tube drawing dies are manufactured with rare microcrystal carbides and special metal powder binders (like cobalt powder). During manufacturing process, advanced low-pressure sintering technology is applied. Hence, advantageous features of tungsten remain in carbide drawing die nibs, and other advantageous performance increases by 1/4. Besides, tungsten carbide drawing die nibs for tubes possess strong toughness because of cobalt powder binder.


Cemented carbide tube drawing dies are commonly utilized in steel company, metal company, and so on. They are used for processing tubes which are widely applied in electrical devices, automobiles, spaceflights, television sets, etc. No matter in industrial field or in daily life, we can see practical applications of drawing dies or metal tubes processed by them.


1. Tungsten carbide drawing die nibs for tubes are featured with good wear resistance. They are capable of working continuously for a long time. And, tube drawing is conducted accurately.
2. Excellent polishing is applied in manufacturing cemented carbide tube drawing dies. So, tubes drawn by drawing dies are of high-quality surface.
3. Small adhesion arises between die surface and tube surface. Then, tube surface meets high glossiness.
4. Small friction can save electric power and increase working efficiency.
5. Heat is released fast when performing heat drawing.
6. Tungsten carbide drawing die nibs for tubes show high corrosion resistance when performing wet drawing.

Apart from cemented carbide tube drawing dies, Zhuzhou Lizhou also provides tungsten carbide drawing dies for metal wires, rods, rollers, and so on. Our products are overseen by specialists and inspected under strict quality standards. They have passed ISO9001:2000. Carbide tube drawing dies produced by us are widely sold at home and abroad. Besides, they gain good reputation among our customers, especially in Indian market.

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