S13 Drawing Die for Metal Rods


S13 tungsten carbide drawing dies for metal bars are commonly applied in metalworking process. It is used to reduce cross section of large-diameter rods by drawing metal rods through drawing plates. Besides, cross sections can be in various shapes, such as round, square, rectangle, hexagon, octagon, etc. Carbide dies for drawing metal rods are usually performed at room temperature.


1. Maximum external diameter of S13 tungsten carbide drawing dies for metal bars is 250 mm. Diameter of sizing area is 4 mm to 92.5 mm.
2. We can manufacture cemented carbide drawing dies according to design drawings provided by clients.
3. Carbide dies for drawing metal rods are featured by high wear resistance, good polishing performance, low friction coefficient, etc.
4. Various types of products are offered. On the base of practical applications, customers can choose desirable tungsten carbide drawing dies for metal bars.
5. Continuous operation is available, so it can keep high efficiency with low electric power.
6. It is widely applied in manufacturing rail fences, coat hangers, nails, screws, bolts, and so on.

Notes and Delivery

1. Before purchase, inform us of your desirable carbide dies for drawing metal rods, or tell us what the drawn metal materials are. Hence, we can help you choose right drawing dies.
2. Offered with physical prototypes, we can manufacture custom tungsten carbide drawing dies for metal bars in 15 days. But if there is no physical prototype for reference, 25 days are needed.
3. Cargoes are placed in fiber board cases if they are transported by ship. But they are packaged with cartons if delivered by air.
4. Payment is through T/T or L/C.



Our tungsten carbide drawing dies for metal bars are manufactured with advanced low-pressure sintering technology. So, they present advantageous performance of tungsten and show 1/4 higher other performance than common tungsten carbides. These products are inspected under strict quality standard and have passed ISO9001:2000. They are widely sold at home and abroad. Foreign customers are mainly from America, Germany, Spain, Japan, Korea, and so on.

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