LE Carbide Drawing Die for Metal Rods


LE tungsten carbide bar drawing dies are used to shrink large-diameter rods into smaller ones. They are widely used in metalworking process for rail fences, coat hangers, nails, screws, bolts, etc. Besides, cemented carbide rod drawing dies can reform metal rod cross sections into various shapes like round, square, rectangle, hexagon, octagon, and so on. Zhuzhou Lizhou applies advanced low-pressure sintering technology during manufacturing drawing dies.


1. LE tungsten carbide bar drawing dies are featured by fast die speed, long working life and high cost performance ratio.
2. Maximum external diameter is 120 mm. Diameter of sizing area ranges from 5 mm to 60 mm.
3. With good wear resistance, cemented carbide rod drawing dies can keep continuous work for long time. Besides, drawing process is in high accuracy.
4. Excellent polishing for drawing dies can assure that surface of drawn metal rods is in high quality surface.
5. With small adhesion to metal rods, LE tungsten carbide bar drawing dies are durable. Besides, drawn metal rods are endowed with glossy surface.
6. Small friction coefficient increases working efficiency and decreases energy consumption.
7. In heat drawing process, high thermal conductivity guarantees that heat is released quickly.
8. Cemented carbide rod drawing dies present obvious advantage when performing wet drawing because they are featured with high corrosion resistance.

Notes and Delivery

1. Let us know your desirable LE tungsten carbide bar drawing dies before purchase, or tell us which metal material to stretch. Then, we can introduce suitable products for you.
2. Custom rod drawing dies are provided. If you offer physical prototypes, we can manufacture custom products in 15 days. But if there is no physical prototype for reference, 25 days are needed.
3. Cemented carbide rod drawing dies are placed in fiber board cases if they are delivered by ship, and in cartons if delivered by air.
4. Payment for LE tungsten carbide bar drawing dies is through T/T or L/C.



Zhuzhou Lizhou Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. provides a broad range of tungsten carbide dies for various applications, including in automobile industry, construction industry, electronic industry, telecommunication industry, etc. Our products are designed for drawing ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, rods, wires, tubes, etc. They are widely sold all around the world. Our foreign customers mainly come from America, Germany, Spain, Japan, Korea, India, etc. LE tungsten carbide bar drawing dies manufactured by us are highly spoken of by customers, especially by Indian clients.

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