S30-A Carbide Drawing Die for Plugs


S30-A tungsten carbide drawing dies for mandrels are commonly used in metalworking process. With carbide drawing die for plugs, metal plugs or mandrels are reduced into smaller ones. Drawn metal mandrels can be made from various metal materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, metal alloy, and so on. They are stretched through die holes and shrunken into thinner and longer ones. Generally, drawing is performed at room temperature, but sometimes heat drawing would be conducted if mandrels are in large size.


Tungsten carbide drawing dies for mandrels are made from rare microcrystal carbides and bound by high-purity cobalt powder. They are treated with low-pressure sintering process, which retains superior features of tungsten and increases other advantageous performances by 1/4. Besides, cobalt powder binder endows carbide drawing die for plugs with strong toughness.


As necessary tools in metal treatments, their performances directly affect quality of tube products. Tungsten carbide drawing dies for mandrels can stretch various ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals, such as steel, copper, aluminum, metal alloy, etc. Drawn metal products are widely used in automobiles, electric devices, machineries, and so on.


1. Carbide drawing die for plugs is featured by long working life.
2. With good wear resistance, it can work continuously for a long time. Besides, drawing is precise.
3. Tungsten carbide drawing dies for mandrels are finely polished. Besides, adhesion to metal mandrels is small. In this case, metal mandrels possess glossy and high-quality surface.
4. Friction is small during working. It can save energy and increase working efficiency.
5. In heat drawing, high thermal conductivity assures that heat is released fast.
6. With superior corrosion resistance, it works well in wet drawing, especially in acidic lubricants.

Zhuzhou Lizhou Cemented Carbide is capable of manufacturing various cemented carbide dies no matter these dies are complex in structures or irregular in shapes. In details, we can manufacture 3 million tungsten carbide dies and 500 T cemented carbide workblanks every year. Our products, including tungsten carbide drawing dies for mandrels, are widely sold at home and abroad. Last year, sales volume in domestic market was 15 million RMB, and in overseas market was 20 million RMB.

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